“Self esteem, Strength
Our core purpose is to foster empowerment and harmony in the community with which we interact. We seek this goal by working among the poor, under-privileged and the exploited who, as a consequence, do not have a sense of identity and belongingness to a society with a great past, and a sense of confidence and hope in the future.
Our projects are also a vehicle for reforms in society and for encouraging our beneficiaries to be good neighbours and members of a vibrant and confident society at the community and village level.
Peace and harmony in families means peace and harmony in the community. No single group in society can claim superiority in its religion or faith or tradition. Every member of the community has the right to be proud of and to follow one’s own heritage without let or hindrance or any sort of allurement. These principles inform the projects of the Foundation.
Decentralised implementation, high cost-effectiveness and low administrative costs are the avowed objectives of the Foundation in its projects. Accountability and transparency are insisted upon at every stage of its operations.
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